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    a story in motion pictures – Youtube link

a story in motion pictures – Youtube link


PLEASE NOTE: The video is only available in German at the moment.

On her eighth birthday, the dragon maiden receives the wish-granting shell with the pearl of wisdom. This has a message ready for you. If the dragon girl understood this, her dearest wish could come true: she could swim out into the big wide sea alone for the first time. An exciting journey full of happiness, envy, greed, compassion and joy would begin.
100% of the proceeds go to the association.

Teaser: https://youtu.be/cmIeeHPDbSA

Music/ Arrangement: Una Gonschorr and Peter Gasper
Director: Nic Romm and Una Gonschorr
Illustrations: Laura Carleton
Video editing/animation: Achim Treu
Funded by: Aktion Mensch

Turtle/ Narrator: Nic Romm
Dragon Maiden: Una Gonschorr
Dragon King: Prof. Dr. Guido A Matschuck
Seahorse 1: Sarah Liesenfeld
Shell: Alexandra Marisa Wilcke
Moray Eel: Yette Krüger
Jellyfish Choir: Laura Carleton
Whale Shark: Werner Don Balmer
Dolphins: Manuela Bayer
Manta 1: Philippe Zeidler
Manta 2: Daniel Mandolini
Grouper: Madita Mannhardt
Sea anemones: Annika S. Sesterhenn
Clownfish: Dr. Patch H Adams
Starfish: Dana Apitz
Sea lion: Hans Kiesler
Octopus: Yoshiharu Matsuno
Seahorse 2: Hedi Braun
Saxophone: Roby Edwards
Choir: Marlin Williford, Sean Grimm