Who we are

What do we do? 
We produce musicals and theater performances for hospitals and hospices. Hospital stations are creatively transformed into musical and phantasy worlds. Since 2005 more than 200 honorary volunteers participated in over 400 performances.

For whom do we do this?
We perform for seriously sick children, their families and also support the hospital staff.

Why do we do this?
Children that have to be admitted to a hospital are being pulled out of their protective environment at home and suddenly find themselves in the world of a hospital. Even if the medical treatments are administered most sensibly, the necessary therapies often produce fears and painful experiences.

Research shows that music can have a valuable therapeutic effect. That is why music is being used in clinical medicine as a therapy for fear and pain management. This supports the body’s healing process and produces joy and life-force.

How do we do it?
Volunteers, Professionals and well known guests engage and support our programs. Una Gonshorr is the author of the stories and together with Peter Gasper composes enchanting musicals for children in crisis. Silvia Schulz designs and creates the costumes and beautiful stage sets for the productions performed in the children wards of hospitals.

Who can participante? 
Anyone who would like to support individual goals of our association. We are happily engaged in a variety of different activities. There is a lot to do.

Who are our supporters?
Our patron Dr. Patch Adams has been our supporter since January 2009. He is impressed by our seriousness, dedication, professionalism and our empathic abilities.