Tranquilla Trampeltreu (2005/2006)

Tranquilla Trampeltreu, the joyful stomping along turtle (in 2005/2006) a children's story by Michael Ende.

It tells the story of Tranquilla Trampeltreu, which is a persistent turtle. One morning she hears that Leo the lionking has invited all the animals, young and old, fat and thin to his wedding party. She decides that she too will go. On the way to the wedding she meets Fatima the spider, Scheheresade, the slimy snail, to Zacharia Zierfuss, the lizard and other animals all of which advise her against going because she would never get there in time. However, Tranquilla replies over and over again: “No, my determination to get there is unchangeable and I am going and I will not give up. And I will get there on time”. She does get there and proves to all that a strong determination is important to win in life.

Tranquila Trampeltreu was put on stage by namu art for life network Assoc. This piece brought a lot of joy to children in cancer wards and hospices.

Project team of actors

Actors Anja B. Kaul, Lina Linke, Manju Janzen, Marica Utà, Mosa Anna Essel, Sabina Saracevic, Silke Zängerle, Susanne Ladwig, Ulrike Schirm, Vera Regina Schneeberg, Tamae Sato, Daren Perkins, Frauke Diehl, Andreas Edelblut, Daniela Hewitt, Esther Bonhardt, Franziska Quant, Maya und Raphael Rodriguez
Idea and initiative Kyle Weinig, Una Gonschorr
Director Eva Schönherr
Co-Director Anja B. Kaul
Choreographer Darren C. Perkins
Project Manager Una Gonschorr
Publishing rights Christopher Weinig
Musical Director Una Gonschorr
Musical score and words Peter Gasper, Una Gonschorr, Lexa Thomas
Scenery Oskar Gonschorr, Helmut Schwarz-Schönherr, Kerstin Krüger, Annelie Fritsche
Costumes Stephanie Schnaars & Friends, Anja B. Kaul, Kubus e.V., Mervi Mäkitalo, Kyle Weinig, Gisela Meier-Schubert, Ingrid Berg
Accessories Kerstin Krüger, Helmut Schwarz-Schönherr
Makeup Christine Rose
Sound and lighting Ismael Schott, Una Gonschorr
Press and public relations Ulrich Schumann, Annette C. Müller
Event organization Pamela Hackforth, Annette Müller
Decoration Marcella Rey Lemmé, Pamela Hackforth, Gisela Meier-Schubert, Zuliha Sandmann, Sandra Reinhardt, Heidi Piepereit
Video Eva Schönherr, Helmut Schwarz-Schönherr, Gruscha Rode
Photography Ulrich Schumann, Eduardo Fernandez-Tenllado, Siegfried Büker, Bruce Hackforth
Ticketing Felicitas Keßler
Cash register Michael Hoffeins
Catering Kiwanis Club Berlin-Frohnau e.V.
Childcare Anne Linderhaus