"APONI's Metamorphosis" is the title a musical written by Una Gonschorr. It tells the story of a small caterpillar, APONI who finally transforms into beautiful butterfly through the encouragement of her friends.

The key message to believe in one's own dreams appeals to children and young people as well as many adults who are touched by this lovely fairy tale.

During the performances at children's wards, nine performers embody the various colorful characters. A sound engineer accompanies the team and controls the playback. With each performance a wonderful experience is created for the sick children, their families, and the hospital staff.

The musical CD is copyright-free thanks to a grant from the "Stiftung Berliner Sparkassen für Bürgerinnen und Bürger" on behalf the little patients.

All other interested parties can purchase this CD for a nominal charge of 12.95 € (including shipping in Germany).

All proceeds will be used to fund the activities of the association.

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