Dr. Patch Adams

"namu Art for Life Network e.V." has been working with a very famous patron at its side since January 2009 — the US-American doctor, Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams (* May 28, 1945 in Washington, D.C.).

He is the founder of the Clinic Clowns and the Gesundheit! Institute (1971) in West Virginia, USA.

His life was the template for the film "Patch Adams" with Robin Williams in the title role.

Dr. Adams now lives in Arlington, Virginia, where he promotes alternative healing in collaboration with the Gesundheit! Institute.

He also works as a social activist, "citizens’ diplomat," clown, and author. Every year he organizes, among other things, a clown-trip to Russia, where committed people from all over the world to spread joy in orphanages and hospitals. A documentary film about a trip to Kabul impressively confirms how deeply Dr. Adams touches even the most severely injured children, bringing smiles to their faces, and in doing so giving them a feeling of confidence in their futures.

For Una Gonschorr, founder and chairman of the board for "namu Art for Life Network e.V.," this association is a life project. She and Dr. Patch Adams are united by their deep belief in the power of joy and hope, as well as in their experience that joy is an important factor in the healing process.