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    Musical Download ♫

APONI‘S Transformation
Musical Download ♫


Aponi’s transformation as a Digital Audio Download.
With our patron
Dr. Patch Adams as the sunflower.
During our performances in children hospitals and hospice we give the CD as a gift to children who are too weak to come to our shows.
Your purchase supports the activities of Namu Art for Life Network e.V.
100 % of the proceeds benefit the association.

Preface by Dr. Patch Hunter Adams

Patron of namu Art for Life Network e.V.
And in the role of the sunflower.

The transformation from an egg to a caterpillar, then into a larva and finally into a butterfly is the most important message of nature.

It is the wonderful melody of “I will make it” and “I will do it”. As small and insignificant as my life might seem to be right now, fantastic dreams and magical friends can make things happen far beyond my imagination. Dive into the present moment with wild enthusiasm. Accept all the precious gifts of the moment, add your particular joys and bathe in gratitude for everything that is still to come. It will take your breath away. Be prepared to breathe in the next moment and fly to every flower. Put on your seatbelts, because there are so many secrets. Yipiieeeeeee! I will be with you together.

Preface by Una Gonschorr

President of namu Art for Life Network e.V.
Author and composer of APONI’s transformation
And in the role of APONI.
People often have wishes but don’t believe that they could come true. Sometimes the loose hope in the realization of their dreams.