Kreaktiv (2007)

Kreaktiv (2007): a musical theatre workshop for pupils for whom namu art for Life Network Assoc. wants to offer alternative leisure activities. We use art as a way to offer new perspectives to the participants to strengthen their self-confidence. Two weeks before beginning of the workshops the pupils participate in a casting in the different categories - song, dance, presentation and production assistance. Then we offer a daily program of 2 times 1.5 hours, including a break of 15 minutes. This includes training modules to highlight specific abilities and build the team spirit. In addition there is role-play and pantomime concluded by a feedback session.

In our first Workshop at a school in Marzahn we have introduced a song. The pupils learned how to do the introduction and performed the song.

Project manager Una Gonschorr
Educational advisor Kyle Weinig
Camera / assistance Peter Wichtel