Upcoming Events: Aponi visit Moscau

In November, Dr. Patch Adams and Aponi visit Moscau the capital city of Russia. Read more about the project...

Thanks for support:
Foundation "Humor Hilft Heilen" founded by Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen
Marianne Alex
Familie Gonschorr

Aponis trip around the world

The basic idea is that the butterflies travel around the world and bring back songs from different countries to the children hospitals and hospices. Members of the song ensemble have been travelling around the globe since 2007. In the beginning our butterfly Dominique C. “flew” back to her native country Chile and has been working on putting together a similar singing ensemble locally. Also, butterfly Alexandra (http://www.alexandra-wilcke.de) realised her wish to sing for ill children in Mexico. And thus still many Aponis will spread out their wings and spread the butterfly effect in whole wide world.