Aponi (since 2006 to current)

The singing ensemble Aponi (native american for butterfly) presents its colourful butterfly show. The inspiration came from the transformation conversion of the caterpillar to the butterfly - an allegory for the fact that each moment has the potential to produce something wonderful and unexpected. At the same time we believe in the so-called butterfly effect: a small smile on one side can cause a beaming face on the other side.

Project team:

Leader/ Regie Una Gonschorr
Regie Christina Siemoneit
Choreographie Madita Mannhardt
Ensemble Una Gonschorr, Manuela Bayer, Christina Siemoneit, Madita Mannhardt, Alexandra Marisa Wilcke, Vanessa Montserrat Wittenbeck, Nic Romm, Tom Opitz, Giuliana Mundula, Marica Utà, Ronny Berger, Maren Gingeleit
Guest Butterflies Keith Tynes, Gordon Gatherer, Alexandra Marisa Wilcke, Craig Burton, Dorrey Lyles, Ralf Willershäuser, Yoko Gullnick, Axel Herrig, Tina Tandler, Anastasia Bain, Thomas Fiebelkorn, Daniel de la Fuente Alvarez, Steven Shivers, Roland Scull