Dr. Patch Adams

The american doctor (M.D.) Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams (born: May 28, 1945 in Washington DC) took over the patronage of the registered association in January 2009. In 1972 he founded the “Gesundheit! Institute”. The film “Patch Adams”, featuring Robin Williams was based on his life. Today, Dr. Adams lives in Arlington, VA, where he promotes alternative healing methods jointly with the Institute.
Patch Adams also is a social activist, citizen-diplomat, professional clown, actor and author. Amongst many other activities he once a year organizes a gathering of voluntary clowns from all over the world and takes the group to Russia where they give hope to orphans, patients and many others.

A film documentary on his trip to Kabul confirms impressively, how deeply the humanist can touch the hearts of even badly injured, innocent children, magically bringing a smile to their faces and giving them back their self confidence.

The Doctor Patch Song

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