Sultan Leo and Tranquilla Trampeltreu,

Theaterprojekt auf der Kinderkrebsstation

a theatrical project children cancer wards. Children's eyes shine when Tranquilla Trampeltreu the tenacious turtle against all odds and obstacles slowly but steadiliy travels to the wedding party of Sultan Leo. The famous tale by Michael Ende comes to life in a multi-coloured menagerie of snails, spiders and lions and takes the spectator onto a poetic voyage full of happy music and dipped into intense colours and highly imaginative pictures.

At first sight it looks like a normal theatre piece for children if it weren't for spectators laying in their beds weakened from their last chemotherapy attached to their intravenious drip. The performances of the namu ensemble don't take place in theatres, but in cancer wards of hospitals and in hospices wherever the space allows it. "We adapt ourselves to the situations individually in order not to disturb the daily medical routine. Finally, we don't want to complicate the work of the cartakers but we want to bring fun and some diversion ", says Una Gonschorr, the chairwoman of "namu - Art for Life Network Assoc." For example, the stage scenery was built from foldable elements and can be set up in even the smallest space.

The initial idea came about shortly after a sad event, the loss of a friend to cancer. From that the concept of doing something for children suffering from cancer was created. For Una Gonschorr of Berlin-Charlottenburg, this cultural medicine is a sweet medication: "Joy of life triggers vibrations within the body enabling the patient to heal better. This is our main goal."

Well over one year ago the actress and singer together with her deputy Ulrich Schumann has inspired more than 60 people in only four weeks for her concept. Amongst them anja Kaul, the director of piece by Michael Ende. Anja Kaul is known as an actress from the successful TV series "behind bars", and the award-winning production company TeamWorx which provides equipment.

But it's not at all about famous names. Una Gonschorr: "What's the benefit of working with big starts when they never have time! The heart connects us all, regardless if they are professional actors or amateur performers. "Tranquilla Trampeltreu" was produced with just 2500 euros from private donations.

The doctors confirm the therapeutic impact of the theatrical play when children are removed from the comfort of their homes. In the meantime there more inquiries from all over Germany and three new productions are in preparation. Ulrike Borowczyk Aus of the Berlin morning post from the 1st of August, 2006 tip: Unfortunately, a mistake has occurred the editorial staff. The direction was led by Mrs. Eva nice man and not from Mrs. Anja Kaul.