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I'm delighted that you are interested in the work of our organisation.

Much has happened during the fifteen years since the founding of the organisation. Some things have been very challenging. But the experience of overcoming the many project hurdles by means of teamwork provides powerful motivation and encouragement to move forward. The joy that both adults and children receive from our performances is so wonderful that we are constantly inspired to develop our ideas even further and to participate voluntarily.

Sincere wishes for a wonderful time.

Una Gonschorr

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Video APONI butterfly and her friends spend a day with blind children in the Red Sea at Sheraton Soma Bay Resort :


Video APONI in Ägypten 2013:


Video APONI and her friends 2013:


What the press has had to say:

BZ dated Feb. 1st 2010

"You don't often find a project with such quality as this" said Dr. Hans Willner, Chief Physician of Children and Youth Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at St Joseph's Hospital in Tempelhof...

Amongst the enthusiastic audience was Chief Physician of the Children's Clinic, Dr. Beatrix Schmidt. "We actually have children that want to stay in hospital longer so as not to miss the next performance by the artists," she said with a smile. "From the medical viewpoint this is completely understandable: if you're happy you get well quicker."

Berliner Woche dated Nov. 11th 2009

The performance in the Westend Clinic ended like all performances of Aponi: the children just couldn't get enough of the "singing butterflies". At the end even the 9 year old Mehmet was beaming although he had been quite reserved at the beginning...

Insel-Echo dated Sept. 2009

...it wasn't just the youngsters that were under the spell of the magical images and sounds and led into another world for a while. Relatives and hospital workers confirmed the beneficial effects of the musical medication.

Berliner Morgenpost dated Aug. 1st 2006

Children's eyes sparkled as tortoise Tranquilla Trampeltreu battled her way to the grand sultan's wedding despite all odds...

Doctors have confirmed the immense therapeutic value of the performance. The seriously ill children were completely removed from their day to day routine...