About us

What do we do?

Since 2005 we have dedicated ourselves to seriously ill children in hospitals and hospices and bring them a fantasy-rich magical and musical fairy-tale world.

Why are we doing this?

We experience theatrical and choral performances as a means of therapy!
"Every illness is a musical problem, the healing a musical remedy", the poet Novalis was convinced of this 200 years ago; modern doctors, scientists and music therapists can but confirm that assertion.

Children that have to go into hospital are ripped out of the protected environment of their homes and suddenly find themselves in the world of the hospital ward. Even when with children their medical treatment is carried out with the utmost sensitivity they still experience fear and pain during their stay.

Today there is reliable evidence that music has valuable therapeutic effects. As such music has been introduced into clinical medicine for fear and pain relieving therapies.

For whom are we doing this?

We are doing this for seriously ill children to mobilise their self-healing capacity.

How do we do it?

Our voluntary helpers and celebrity guests are wholeheartedly involved with a large measure of idealism to put on music, dance, choral and theatrical performances for the young patients.

Who can get involved?

Anyone with an interest and the time can assist with the organisation's individual projects. We are always happy to receive help in a variety of fields of activity. There is always plenty to do.

Who's behind us?

Patron Dr. Patch H. Adams has been supporting our work since January 2009. He is enthralled by our seriousness, our professionalism and our compassion.


We dedicate ourselves...

We dedicate ourselves with all our energy, our passion, our love of life and our wealth of experience to that which we do best:
singing, dancing, making music, simply spreading happiness.”

Original performances come into being, realised by well-known professional artists and lay performers. And they are for children and young people.

With our commitment and our performances we encourage not only our audiences but also ourselves and develop in the process a zest for life beyond our wildest dreams. That drives us on and on.

"The idea came from my friend Kyle after a mutual friend died of cancer. Faced with our helplessness we decided to produce a musical and to perform it for children in hospitals and hospices" says Una Gonschorr who, together with six other founding members founded the non-profit making organisation in 2005.

Since then the experienced manageress, actress and singer organises elaborate and professional musicals, theatre and choral arrangements to bring moments of joy into the everyday lives of the young patients.

The most important thing for her: to convey the immense joy which she experiences during the creative work with art and people to others. And so to give flight to their fantasies.

The company has already succeeded at the following establishments due to its dazzling, spectacular and fantasy-rich productions, the result of the immense personal commitment on the part of every individual:

Bethania Gemeinde Berlin-Moabit
Helios Klinikum Buch
Charité Campus Mitte
Charité Campus Virchow-Klinikum
Evangelisches Waldkrankenhaus Spandau
Hospiz Sonnenhof
House of Life e.V.
Kinderhilfe e.V.
Klinik Westend
Kulturzentrum Die Weiße Rose Berlin
Markus Gemeinde
Ricam Hospiz
Sankt-Joseph Krankenhaus Berlin
SOS Kinderdorf e.V.

During the last fifteen years 400 performances were the result of the work of the 200 voluntary supporters together with certain people receiving state benefits and supported by the Department of Employment on the various projects undertaken by the organisation.
Of those 9 performances were staged in 2005, 19 performances in 2006, 43 performances in 2007, 38 performances in 2008, 52 performances in 2009, 43 performances in 2010,
43 performances in 2010, 34 performances in 2011 / 35 performances in 2012 / 37 performances in 2013 / 32 performances in 2014 / 22 performances in 2015 / 13 performances in 2016 / 16 performances in 2017 / 10 performances in 2018 / 23 performances in 2019